St Martin/St Maarten
Heineken Regatta

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The regatta has an official site that may not work all year: www.HeinekenRegatta.com

If you want to get out in the action, get aboard Celine or Random Wind.
It's a great day on the water among the the boats, food and drinks included.

Previous years photos: 2013 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2004

2014 Photos

These early photos were taken from the balcony of our condo at Sapphire Beach Club earlier in the week leading up to the regatta. Many Tall Ships show up for the event and it appears that they all like to cruise close to Cupecoy Beach. Surprisingly enough, that is where most of the nudists on the Dutch side catch the rays. Many of the racing boat photos were also taken from the balcony. There was a lot of marine haze and cloud cover in the week leading up to the regatta.

Tall ship
Sailing past Cupecoy
Tall ship
Sailing past Cupecoy

Practice off Cupecoy
First boats coming around the airport
First boats coming around the airport on Friday

Spinnaker run
Spinnaker run
More boats coming around the airport
More boats coming around the airport on Friday

Regatta Friday
View from our living room across the balcony to the Regatta
Regatta Friday
View from our balcony over the restaurant at Sapphire

Regatta Friday
Sailing along
Regatta Friday
Adjusting the sails

taken from our lagoon side balcony

A bit to the east (note Créole Rock in the distance)
on the extreme right

KLM arriving on Sunday taken from our Caribbean side balcony
Regatta Saturday
Sailing by our Caribbean balcony

Sleek catamaran

Nix, coming past our Caribbean balcony and ...

... heading deep into Mullet Bay

Having come about, she's heading out of Mullet Bay

She certainly stands out

I believe that's a 12 meter boat

The airport is on the left and Saba is visible on the right

Getting a little crowded in Mullet Bay

Getting crowded at the approach to the airport

211 entries and one is Darth Vader

Hotly pursued by the Lipton Ice Tea boat

Multihull 2 was won by Formula 40 Soma. Here,
she's heading down the west coast. Dauphin Telecom placed second.
Richard E Santaga

Otra Vez, CSA 1 came in second place
Here, she was having some spinnaker problems.
Richard E Santaga